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background checks
  • address & social security verification
  • driver history
  • educational verification
  • criminal & civil litigation history
  • employment references

background checks
  • address & social security verification
  • credit reports
  • unlawful detainer
  • business profiles
  • employment verification


Pre-employment screening investigations are a company’s essential perimeter defense against economic losses. Years ago, professionals in human resources often felt secure relying on their instinct. Today, if an employee’s actions hurt someone, the courts are much more likely to hold the employer liable, and it is rare to find a human resources professional who is willing to hire an unscreened candidate. Why? It’s dangerous. Dangerous to their company, dangerous to their company’s officers and directors, and dangerous to their own careers. 

Every business owner is value conscious, and most are sharp at understanding the legal issues in their state. You need to set the bar, but there’s more to it than that. Once you’ve set standards, you need to apply them fairly, and comply with a specific set of requirements. 

Under California and federal law, (15 USC § 1681 et seq.), the reporting period for criminal convictions is limited to the last seven years for most private sector employment, and as of January 2012, pre-employment credit reports can’t be run on many California employment candidates unless the candidate’s either going to be a manager, or fall into 7 other specific, narrowly defined exceptions. 

Informed Decision gives you an a-la-carte menu of investigative services. We’re a full service investigation corporation. Educational and employment verification, records searches, and reference checks are all available to you here. We’re looking to build lasting relationships with our clients. We're confident we can provide you with a vastly superior product to the "cookie cutter" screening those out of state, web based companies and their boiler room operators are trying to sell you. 


In the case of tenant screening investigations, the rules are looser than pre-employment screening, and you can pass on the cost of the background check to the applicant, however you’ll still need to get a signed release. 

If you’re processing application from your rental or leasing prospects using forms from a trade association for landlords, like the Apartment Association, your current release forms probably already contain the language you need. If not, we’ll be happy to provide you with a .pdf or printout of the appropriate form, customized with the name of your business, completely free of charge.

There are several different levels of tenant screening background checks that can be done. We can custom fit a screening program to meet your needs and your budget. 

It seems that some of our biggest fans are the people who lease office and retail space to commercial tenants. The owners have a lot of exposure here, and end up relying on brokers to bring in good tenants. 

Experienced property owners tend to develop specific protocols, and “stick to the operations manual” when bringing aboard new tenants. 

The minimum check we would recommend for residential apartment lease includes a basic name verification, a check for evictions and a credit report. We’ve done numerous “profiles,” our highest level standard background check, for clients who’ve had problem tenants in the past, and see the value of avoiding a repeat of the experience in the future. For commercial leases, the full profile is usually the way to go. 

We dig up the dirt, so you don't get hurt!
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