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Credit and collections matters, the passing of a next of kin, liquidation of a trust, or even medical matters can make finding somebody take on new priority in your life. In today’s world, when an investigator’s asked to track someone down, there’s usually no cookie cutter approach that will work. More art than science, locating people takes a specific skill set that involves more than just computer knowledge, especially when you’re trying to locate people that, for whatever reason, don’t want to be found. Though not every person can be found, we have the tools and resources to successfully locate the vast majority of people our clients are looking for. 

Please understand that we have a valuable and powerful skill set, and part of taking on a potential assignment is knowing why you are seeking to locate someone, so please come to us ready to openly discuss your case so we can best serve your needs. Though there is no guarantee any given individual can be found, in the vast majority of cases we find who we’re looking for. In most cases, we can prescreen your assignment’s difficulty, and give you a written estimate with an up-front price to do the investigation. 

*If this investigation request concerns a former partner in an intimate relationship, investigation results will only be released to legal counsel retained in a pertinent family law matter. 

Another area of investigative work that isn’t cookie cutter is searching for assets. We understand our client’s investigative needs and have the resources to develop information other investigators can’t. When doing asset searches, we know you’ll want to avoid “spending good money after bad.” We are always happy to give you an up-front price for all work at the start of the investigation.  
We’ve done a lot of this type of work, and though it is not cheap, we are very cost competitive. About half of our customers in this particular niche market are other private investigators who don’t have the specialized skills needed to handle this type of job.  

Within the broad brush the term “asset search” paints, there are many different types of searches that can be done, some of which are basic “square one” things other investigators overlook, or don’t have the right tools for. There are also many complex and specialized things in this particular specialty. Some are very valuable in identifying hidden assets, and frequently are worthwhile. Other searches, such as international searches, are within our capability, but only appropriate in a small number of circumstances. The key to making an asset search an effective tool is to have an overall plan, realize the ins and outs of judgment recovery, and break the search up into smaller steps unless the subject is actively in the process of liquidating or concealing his or her assets. 


**in accordance with the Graham, Leach, Bliley Act and the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

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